What is the formula for Cell ID (ECI) in LTE networks?

When using GMON in a LTE (4G) Network, i see a cell identification (ECI) with a very large number.

Can anyone tell me how do I calculate this ID?



Hello @rafaeldamasio

The formula is: ECI = 256 * eNBId + Cellid

For Huawei, you can use ECI: 256 * [ENodeBFunction].[eNBId] + [EUtranCellFDD].[Cellid]
And for Ericsson ECI = 256 * [eNodeB].[ENODEBID] + [Cell].[Cellid]

Carlos Alberto


@Carlos_Alberto can you explain further on why number 256, is it the data type UINT8 thats used to describe the same ?

I am not an expert But

256 = 100 in Hex so adding bit to get 28 for ECI

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From lncel export you can find the eci directly…

Thanks a lot! Very useful.

Dear All

I have ECI value 0x09DD748 , Could you kindly explain how do i derive actual cell id form this value, this is a HUAWEI EPC CDR record (user location information tag)