What is Multi Anchoring in 5G-NR?

What is Multi Anchoring in 5G NR?
Is it a feature or NR to 4G relation concept?

It means you can make techs Anchor based on coverage, which help better transition between the techs as the coverage is completely sure as of now in most of the networks. So, sometimes NR is made the Anchor and Lte cell also made the anchor(mostly) in the same network

In other words we are basically changing the Traffic Steering strategy.

This also helps in smooth and faster mobility and context setup during sessions setting.

Anchoring is already available in 5G with all related features and depending on your traffic when and how to use it.
It could be from LTE to 5G.
Or 5G to eLTE.
Could be 1 or n relations.

Figure , I think this is special feature based on Cloud for MC Anchoring …

Normally , MC anchoring mean …

The Ericsson implementation for EN-DC allows any LTE carrier to be configured as an anchor for EN-DC. In a given network deployment, however, some carriers may be unsuitable for use as anchors.

If all LTE carriers are configured as anchors, then 5G capable UEs can use whatever LTE carrier they are camped on as the anchor for EN-DC. In this case, EN-DC can be deployed without requiring any changes to the existing LTE mobility and traffic management strategy. This is the simplest approach, and the recommended one.

If only some of the LTE carriers are configured as anchors, then 5G service is available to only those UEs that are camped on an anchor carrier. Any UEs that are camped on a non-anchor carrier must be moved to an anchor carrier to obtain 5G service. If the existing mobility and traffic management strategy does not accomplish this, then the mobility strategy needs to be changed when 5G is deployed. It can be changed to steer 5G UEs towards an anchor carrier.

It’s option 3x

More than 1 layers of LTE can be used as anchors for ENDC/ option 3 to have much easier transition towards NR for SN (SCG) addition, e.g, if LTE having L700, L1800, L2100, multi-anchoring enables all of them to be made anchors simultaneously for NR.