What is difference NR PSCell and Pscell?

Hello NR Experts.

If you look at 38.331 it’s mentioned NR PSCell and Pscell. What is difference in both?

Understanding is that PSCell belong to SGC primary cell.

Do you mean is there a difference between spcell and pscell?

Please check 38.331. You can find PScell and NR PScell.

Would like to know what is the difference.

PSCell is the primary cell of SCG irrespective of EUTRAN Or NR.
For NR, they are referring to NR PSCell of SCG.


Sso here NR PSCell refer to ENDC SCG primary cell.

Even in specs I find sometimes pscell used for SCG primary cell so can I assume it’s only for eutran DC case not valid for ENDC i.e. MR-DC.

Let me make this simple:

In Dual connectivity, UE is assigned two CRNTI’s - one from MN and second from SN.
MN when having secondary cells too that time it is called as MCG and cell which is supporting control plane called as Pcell.
Same way, cell inside SCG support control plane called PScell. It can be a case of any MR-DC that can be endc, ngendc, nedc.
Likewise u will see one more term i.e SPcell. This spcell is combination of pcell + pscell. Mean those 2 cells which are supporting control layer.

Let me know if more clarification required in this.


Yes good one!

But still I’m thinking what need of mentioning NR pscell specifically in specs…
Let it be pscell only for MR-DC, DC.

Anyways it’s pscell, they are just refering it to NR to identify it.

Simple and proper explanation.