What happens when we switch off the device on ENDC mode?

Hi Experts.

Can anyone please tell if we switch off the device on ENDC mode what will be the scenario?

Like as we can understand, a detach request will be there as type ‘switch off’ to mn enb , what will happen to sg NB that time exactly?

Upon getting detach request from UE as power of sg NB release process will start & then UE context will be released or how is it?

Detach is for MME.

Once MME will get detach request then what will be next step , will it trigger sg nb release process or any other process, ue context obviously will be removed as switched off, i just want to the steps

If any spec describes this detach for endc?

On LTE Nas spec 23.401 I can see only this line regarding detach.

But not finding anything specific to nsa endc ue power of detach or due to that sg nb release.

Goto 23.4xx series.

Or 23.5xx.

23.4xx endc related not getting.

will check here if get anything.

38 series for RAN comm between gnb & sgnb.
23.5xx series for AMF comm with RAN in general.

Yes, correct, like on 37.340 ue power on attach process mentioned for nsa endc, ue power of detach process for nsa endc, can’t see directly on any spec.