What Company do you think will win the 5G race?

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What Company do you think will win the 5G race?

To win a or loose, there should be a fair race in first place.
So the question is wrong for this particular time where politics been drag to technology and innovation :roll_eyes:

Do you guys see mmWave driving 5G?

You cant get speeds in FR1.

I do not see it relevant.
For me 5G mmWave is a waste of time and money due to poor coverage.

Another point: What Samsung misses to be a leader is a more agressive market campaign.
Luckily 5G SA will interrupt the 4G’s Huawei dominance in Europe that was expected to continue in 5G as well due to NSA.
Now with 5G SA Samsung can deploy NR in Europe without MNOs being forced to purchase 5G from Huawei due to NSA.
5G SA will change a lot of the vendors landscape.

You cannot have coverage in mmWave, and power spending is huge.

I think Ericson is leading in 5G world wide.
But Nokia just lost 6.6 bln 5G contract that Samsung won with Verizon in US.
Samsung is getting Nokia’s market share.
SS 5G mmw products good.

I think the biggest contract in recent history in telecom.
Won by Samsumg.

FR2 UE’s are also expensive due to FR2 Modem support and FR2 Antenna Arrays.

I read something interesting some weeks ago “The operator that doesn’t choose Huawei will be one year behind than others that choose Huawei”.

Too much hype on Huawei, IMHO game is leveled.

I choose OpenRAN. :slight_smile:

That is somehow true, but let me ask you this: with US embargo, do you think Huawei will have competitive products 2 years from now?

Yes, I think so.
Because Huawei has a huge market in China that will support the development.

If they can’t have chips there’s nothing out after stock pile will be consumed.
14 of September (2020) is last date when Huawei can get chips, any chips in this world, from any vendor because all of them use american technology.
You should read more news about this.

Believe me, Huawei is one step ahead than this.

We will see the outcome.
Truth is that “mother China” can inject tens of billions of USD in Huawei to find them an escape route.

If you don’t mind me asking, where are you getting this insight from?
That huawei is ahead?

My conclusions from news that I read.

It’s just a personal opinion.
They had release 1.9, 2.0, 2.1, 3.0, 3.1 and now 5.0 for 5G.
Plenty of features for each.
Huawei was at the 4th release when others were provding their first release.