What are the causes of silent calls and what are the possible solutions?

Can someone explain the causes of silent calls and possible solutions?

Which vendor?

Check the transmission connection

The vendor is ZTE

In case if it is one site

More than one site and it happens intermittently

On Zte its very rare you get mute call. If it is you can check packet loss, any issue of transmission.

Most probably transmission issues

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Can transmission issues like high BER cause it?

Yes, they can

Or faulty stm

And on what scenarios these happens?

At times one way at times 2 way

is this GSM?

Yes it is GSM

Are those mute calls made within the home network or are made inter-network?

I think yon need to check is the AMR codec mode sets are aligned.
It is also possible that there is some problem on MGW side, so ask CN guys to help investigate this issue.