Very poor UL Throughput in 5G near site

Hi Guys.
On 5G node we are getting very poor UL Throughput like 10 to 15 Mbps near the site in very good radio conditions.
All parameters and features are set and fine.
No RSSI on 5G node but on anchoring layer we have high RSSI.
Will this impact the UL throughput for 5G Node?

Can you check if there is sudden load increase on anchor band in term of traffic ( it might be case if nearby tier-1 site was having some issue and because of that load got transfer on the source site/sector).

As you mentioned high RSSI in anchor band so plus check Inter-site distance.
If sites are too close to each other, they will have a higher tendency to interfere with each other.
If it is so than you can go for down-tilts to improve SINR and reduce overshooting.

Yes, checked.
ISD is 2 km and RSSI observed only on L700 band for one sector-B on NBR site.
Other NBR sites are fine and No RSSI on them.

We have 2 Carriers of L700 Band and RSSI observed on only 1st Carrier of all sectors on anchoring node.

Are you using EN-DC configuration? (For LTE L700 Band + NR Band)?

Yes, including other layers L2100 / L1800 EN-DC configured.
Its Newly relocated here.
Before relocating this site here, we had no issues in existing serving nodes even there was no RSSI.
But after integrating this New site here we are observing RSSI issue in this area.
Problem is poor UL throughput on 5G node.

RSSI can be caused from Hardware issue if all RF related parameters are correct.

Any hardware related alarm on the site or any nearby first tier site?

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Yes, we informed team for health check on this node.
Actually not only on LTE, we have high RSSI on 3G, 2G on the same site.

No alarms.

What split mode did you use in UL?

Both UP and CP based on the threshold SINR.

It’s over NR leg only, which is coverage limited in Uplink.
Can you try for both NR and LTE leg?
Is it TDD or FDD site?

It’s FDD site and N78.

Ok for N78 mean TDD.
Which frame structure you used there?
What is slot ratio?

TDD SSP 3 and TDD DP 4

E/// under NRCELLDU MO:
tddSpecialSlotPattern = 3
tddUlDlPattern = 4

How many users there per slot scheduled?
What is channel BW?

100 MHz.
Team visited for HC (Health Check). Once done will update here.

Check modulation scheme used in Uplink and PUCCH format used.
Try to use long PUCCH format if UL mode is SCG.