UL Throughput issue in NSA

Hi Experts.

we have one challenge. There is UL throughput issue in all NR sites .DL THR is about 130-180 Mbps, but UL THR is less than 1Mbps!!! (All parameters and features are set and fine.)
we try some feature and parameters but gain is about 100-300 Kbps! (Transmission Capacity/Congestion is ok)

Vendor = Huawei , 5G / NSA / ENDC / N78 / 80 Mhz / TDD /8:2

Any idea / suggestion?

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There can be UL CAP issue either on radio/Core end. Also check QCI based QOS parameters. May be you can find something


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Did you check UL interference ? How is UL SINR trend ?

This behavior may be due to Bad UL RF condition RSRP/SINR when UE locate at 5G-NR , if this true, you should enable LTE UE fallback at given SINR threshold -30 for ex. and monitor how is UL throughput after action.


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hi, thank you for your reply this problem is in all NR sites and all sites have UL THR about 200-300 Kbps!!! I tried UL fallback to LTE and some feature in power control and UL THR reached about 1 Mbps. I think there is more problems than interference or parameters here based on range of UL THR.

Based on the given information, what should be the range of UL THR?


We checked it and Avg UL Interference is around -119 & -117 for all PRBs