UL Interference is high, but other KPIs OK

Hi Experts,
Please suggest:
If in a TDD site UL Interference is high, but other kpis SINR CQI Throughput are OK.
User are high on that cell and it’s 1st tier also.
Please suggest steps to overcome UL interference.

Hello, what is the current value or it is greater than -105dBm?
Check hourly one trend and compare wit surrounding sites/cell, if have kind of impact.

Thanks @Zubairullahshah.
It consistent above - 90 dBm.
1st tier also in - 95 dBm.
User also also high per carrier above 25.
Traffic shift to NBR: it is possible to shift user, but NBR also is high PRB utilization.

Which interference PUSCH or PUCCH? In case of PUSCH sometime we don’t see any deviation in kpis but need to check perception on field… Try to identify source site to get it locked and check basic Gps and sync related parameters… Can sync related Alarms at initial check

Check synchronization

If the UL interference is spread across various site at the same time probably you are experiencing internal interference in TDD.It will mostly comes in the morning and late evenings

Hi Experts,
I have some LTE cells with UL interference above -80 dBm.
Main KPIs (RRC, E-RAB SR, Service Drop Rate, CSFB) are all good.
Only affected is LTE Intra RAT HO SR.
Is that normal?
Vendor is Huawei and the checked counter was L.UL.INTERFERENCE.Avg

What is RSSI and NI?
Check UL throughput as well.
Also check RACH SR.

Check any step change in TA and connected users from same time of HO degradation.

RSSI using counters you mean, right?

Yes, via counters.

And NI report means PUSCH -SINR?

It can be normal if trafic load is high.

Noise and interference NI.

I assume the interference is already being checked by this counter (L.UL.Interference.Avg) but how about the noise?
Any idea how to check on it in a Huawei’s network?

Relatively speaking, there much higher loaded cells and they don’t have issues (although in other areas).
Avg DL PRB is below 80% while DL active users is below 7.

Check the surrounding sites as well.
May be external source of interference in the area.
If not, perform health check on site to clear any alarms and revise feeder connections, jumpers and so on

It is almost certainly an external interference, but I am wondering why only HO is affected?
Other main KPIs are within good ranges.

Check interference, whether it is due to prach pusch pucch and if TDD uppts or dppts, so that in which interference category it is mainly.

Will do. Thanks for the tip.

Are you sure if interference is the foremost reason for HO degradation?
Have neighbor definition been checked?
On which counters HO failures are pegged?
Also failed on X2 or S1?