Hi Experts,
Anyone tried UL CA in LTE please share if any result available.

Previously we used to take UL CA as the feature (in Ericsson system multi cluster pusch CXC4011982 set to 1) is enabled for most of the sites later as there is no payload on scell we won’t take.

Ok, means no benefit seen in UL throughput.
What parameter need to enabled?

You might be better of enabling UL MIMO than UL CA, in my view.

I don’t think user are more in UL.
Use another features to improve UL throughput.

@ran_core_consultant, no benefit seen with UL MIMO in mMIMO.
User throughput in UL not exceed 500 Kbps.

UL scheduler, comp, UL bler features… little risky.
UL frequency scheduler, Interference randomisation, there are a lot of.

Both of UL MIMO and CA have two considerations: lack of demand on UL, and lack of UE support.
So, you may see differences, gains in DT, but by NW KPI Will be hard.

Yes UL comp better one.
Trying to see benefit with UL CA if any fruitful result.

Comp is good!
In less utilised PRB enabled UL scheduler, where cqi is good.

Comp is indeed more visible, in my past experiences.

Is UL64QAM enabled?
And working in KPI?

Yes it’s working.

That’s basic check.
Use Comp.

Planning for UL256QAM with R14 cat8 UE.

Do they have license for UL256QAM?

Trial only.

UL BLER and DL BLER normal and less utilised PRB use UL scheduler.

Don’t know any network having Avg ul user thrpt > 1 mbps in india scenario I think it’s tough.

You will find gain on that sites only.
It’s everywhere.
You care for UL only, UL interference should be normal.