UE not sending A6 MR even with neighbour cell better then Scell

Scell handover based on a6.
Is your handover happening on scell through same site intra.

A6 used to judge neighbour cell if beter then scell.
So ue can add it.
If required.

Yes but in CA I think it happens on your site only.
Intra enode intra frequency only not on inter enode intra frequency as some feature is required to happen for a6.
I think not sure.

It depends on UE capability FGI bit 111.

Addition is different and reporting is different.
UE can always measure and report any nbr cell which satisfies A6 condition, no matter intra or inter.
Its up to eNb to change scell or not.

I don’t think so in carrier aggregation it can handover to inter enode directly without inter enode carrier aggregation feature.
I don’t recall but I feel.
Can you check if you have DT in field both condition?
May be I am wrong may be not.

Dear I am aware of that.
I am not talking about handover.
I am talking about A6 MR reporting only.

Ahhh, ok. :slight_smile:

This is correct, like in Ericsson we have features like Inter-eNodeB CA and Elastic RAN to have sCell o external eNodeB provided NW is time and phase synchronized.
The sCell in added/confiigured and activated but data is not scheduled what I have observed if time and phase sync is not there.
sCell Candidates are mostly InterF.

Yes, correct.

If Dual connectivity between 2 eNBs is configured then only SCell addition of inter eNB is possible.

Most vendors don’t activate this feature.

Configured is not limited to activation of features, it needs time and phase synchronization of 2 eNodeB. This is not common in FDD networks

The efficiency of External sCell is not as same as Internal sCell.

Yes tight synchronization is required for scheduling.
It is called CA between Non Ideal backhaul.

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But if not activated then will a6 MR be send or that too is disabled if MR not send then it’s good.
Or else it will impact the KPI a lot.

Secondly I have seen sCell Canfigured and activated from external eNodeB when we added the 4th layer on the separate baseband but only the CA data was not scheduled, the only thing missing was time and phase sync.

These limitations are vendor specific.

Ok. Thanks a lot.
I think you are talking about CA flexible backhaul features.

I believe it measures, configures and activates if specific feature is available like in Ericsson we have “Dynamic SCell Selection for Carrier Aggregation”.

Rightly so!

So if inter enode is not there this parameters needs to be off there.