UE not sending A6 MR even with neighbour cell better then Scell

Hi LTE Experts.
Anyone used A6 event in network with CA?
What offset configured for A6?
I’m seeing UE not sending A6 MR although neighbour cell is better then Scell.
Any other check required?

Configure it 2 dB.

So neighbour cell to be 2 dB better then SCell level?

Yes, correct.

Yes used. Its 3 dB generally.
Neighbor cell is of same frequency as scell?

Yes, same frequency.
Let’s say scell at level -60 and neighbour at -56 then UE must report A6.
Is it correct?

Yes, correct.

But did you see A6 configured to UE in RRC reconf?

Yes I did.
Range of offset from -30 to 30.
Let me try again with 3 dB.
I observed UE not reporting A6.

Please try with lower RSRP levels like -80/-90 dBm.

Ok scell at -90 and neighbour at -80.

SCell mid range. Nbr 3 dB or better is ok.

I guess there might be somethink like S_MEASURE.

Yes s_measure can be reason.
Let me put s_measure 0.
As of now -60.

Just try at lower RSRP level first.

Check in UE capability msg whether UE is supporting A6 event or not.
111 Fgi bit is set As a 1 or not for r10.

Checked earlier FGI bit supported.
Still UE not sending A6 MR.
With A6 will ue look for scell and neighbour cell both radio conditions or only neighbour cell radio conditions.

Nbr should be better than scell by 1.5 dB.

Obviously both scell and nbr.
Did you tested with lower rsrp levels?

Tested. Still UE not sending…

I think scell can be only be handover to your same site, not neighbors.
Because they require some additional things.
I don’t recall some feature to be activated.

S_measure set to 0.