UE Capability enquiry

Hello Experts
Basic question on Ue capability.
Will UE send UE capability information for the specific details queried in UE capability enquiry?

For e.g. my device chipset (x50) have mmWave and sub6 Ghz support, but my drive test logs have mmWave only and no sub6 even though network have sub6 Ghz deployed.
Can I get to know if this device have sub6 Ghz capability enabled in current firmware version or so?
I was planning to check UE capability information after getting some confirmation on this.

In UE capability enquiry what are requested RAT from network send to UE. It’s like:

  • Eutra for 4G
  • Eutra NR for NSA
  • NR for SA
  • Utra for 3G

Please check message content if Eutra NR there, and UE support sub 6 GHz, then it must report capability.

It is about anchoring or priority.
Network will not setup 2 radiolinks, one in mmWave the other in sub 6 GHz.
You have to find out why in NSA it started with mmWave and not with sub 6 GHz.

Yes, I need to know why no sub6 was used though the chipset sports mmWave and sub6Ghz.
And I see rest areas where there is no mmWave UE went to LTEe only and not to sub 6.

NW support sub6
UE chipset support sub6

Whether UE is capable or is it any other issue…

It is Eutra NR only, but do we have band specific information?

I didn’t seen any parameter at eNodeB end to configure this parameter.
Assumption at MME end there is option to configure this parameter as it’s NAS message.

Chceck in cacombos if UE supports that sub 6 GHz band.
NAS never decides on which RAN carrier UE will latch.
It is only based on RAN parameters.

I never seen such parameter in Nokia.
Anyone please comment.

In Huawei Anchoring policy and NSA carrier latch is defined.
You can find it in HEDEX - 20 pages describing it.
Really complicated.

My point is for UE capability enquiry message content i.e. Eutra or Eutra NR or NR.
Is there any parameter at eNodeB end?
Who will decide it?
Which network entity?

When eNodeB instruct to measure 5G NSA in B1 config messages it does it for a specific carrier.
That specific carrier (whether mmWave or sub 6GHz) is based on some settings.
It does not come out from the Core but from RAN parameters.

I agree for B1 point it is from RAN.
Original query is for UE capability information and UE capability enquiry.

There are vendors that ask for 3 UE capabilities, other ask only for 2 UE capabilities.
But all of them will ask Eutra+NR.
And there is eutra-capabilities UE will answer if it supports band combination interested by NSA.

Ok, it states n 261 only.

From where this IE come, I never seen at RAN end.
Eutra or Eutra NR or Utra or NR.

Ok, in cacombos at band filter just type n261 and see all combinations it supports.
Some carriers limit UE capabilities.
(It is not always true/updated what is written in cacombos).
Operators brand (bloat) UE with lot of stuff including limiting the UE capabilities.

Yes, it states based on some crowd sourced UE capability messages.


So even though X50 chipset have sub6Ghz capability, the Operator is restricting it by the custom firmware and allowing its custoners to use mmWave only!

Yes indeed.
So check UE capabilities manually.

Bandcombo for n261: