UE Capability enquiry

Is this your sub 6 GHz there or not?
Is it there?

No mine is n78.

Could you let us know full name of your 5G phone?

Samsung Galaxy s10 5G smg977u.

n78 should be there, no MNOs kick it out, as it is global.

Here is CA combination for n261:

But your phone is not listed with n78 support.
And it says “all band” that means unrestricted CA combinations.
In this case it is impossible to have n78.
Look no longer than this.
I think this is the answer to your question: UE does not support n78!

Where is this mentioned?

It means unrestricted by MNO:

So is this restriction not due to chipset right.
This site is based on UE cap msgs.
So in a future fw upgrade can I expect to see n78?
Similarly we have seen SA 5G in Note 10+ only after fw upgrade.

You can modify yourself carriers supported but is a complicated process and not always successful. Search for tutorials about this.
Otherwise your phone will never support n78.
Not even after fw upgrade.
OEM of phone have always a policy: “don’t upgrade an old phone better sell a new one”.
This is why you will not see improvements of old phones.

But that was an MNO upgrade.
Requested specifically by MNO.
And that was not about supporting more bands, was about supporting SA, not just NSA.

Yes that’s right S20+ we are using with both mmWave and sub6.
Just because of the x50 chipset capability I was interested to find why sub6 was not used by s10.
I think I’ve got some idea now, thank you guys!

I also have x50 chipset phone and have some problems with it.
Sometimes it logs only NR messages and not LTE messages.
Sometimes it logs only LTE messages and not NR.
It is also limited in UL power as it is not able to share power dynamically between NR and LTE.
This is a major issue as it limits the VoLTE coverage in uplink when NR is activated.
This is why MNO policy is to disable NR if a VoLTE is initiated.
Especially due to x50 chipsets.
All those 5 G smartphones will pretty much reach recycle bin within 1-2 years from now.

Yes that’s right.

I will be very cautious when I will purchase my next 5G smartphone! :slight_smile:

SA NSA DSS VoWifi VoNR needs to be ensured in specs b4 you buy for a long run I guess. :joy_cat:

One of my main KPI is battery capacity.
Will not go for anything under 5000 mAh! :wink: