Troubleshooting of NR drops (NR Menb)

Hello Experts,
Can anyone help me with troubleshooting of NR drops?
NR node is NSA and mostly all drops are pegging under “NR Menb” bucket.
Vendor is Ericsson.
Any suggestions?

Do you have A2 event implemented for NR?

Yes. Drops are increasing after unlocking L600.
NR is also on 600.

Is it DSS?
NR600 is TDD or FDD?
L600 is TDD or FDD?

L6 is Fdd, NR is TDD.

Have you considered spectrum interference between NR600 and L600?
Check how much separation is between L600 and NR600 bandwidths in MHz.

It is also worth reading this post too.
For your case figure 2 applies: