Time on Technology showing LTE in 5G UE Log

Hi All,
In 5G UE log, RSRP, PCI all 5G KPIs available but time on technology is showing LTE.
What could be the reason for this?

It mean % of time on LTE or 5G in ENDC.

Is this SA or NSA?
For NSA, probably UE was in idle mode for most of the duration or sib2 with no uli?

Depends on the collection software interpretation and reporting of technology mode in ENDC network.
As far as I have seen it varies from DT software to software.
Some use PCI RSSP etc for tech mode reporting whereas others take RB also into consideration.
So if no 5G data transfer occured, i.e. RB is 0 your tech mode might still show 4G only.