Time eNodeB deliver B1 measurements configuration to UE after an SCG removal

Hi Experts,
5G NSA question: I’m looking at drive tests in 5G and I see that for same LTE serving cell it takes more than 20 seconds from eNodeB to deliver B1 measurements configuration to UE after an SCG removal. Why so much time like 20 seconds?
See this picture:

Do vendors have a prohibit timer to deliver NR-B1 measurement configuration? I have not noticed it at Huawei

Not seen any prohibit timer with NR B1 measurement.

I will try to look for similar cases for other vendors.
Lot of 5G service area is wasted this way.

It looks like penalty timer.

Maybe coverage issue there.
That’s why long time to meet B1 criteria.

Nope, it is long time to deliver measurement config for B1-NR.
It has nothing to do with Ue measurements but with UE configuration to measure B1-NR.
This is my problem, why UE is configured so late to measure NR?
20 seconds later.

Ok after SCG removal ue move to LTE then reconfiguration again send for B1 measurement .
As per you it must not received reconfiguration again to avoid long setup time.

Yes, LTE cell was not changed.
It same PCI 427.
Or it should be deliver faster the measurement config.
Not 20 secs later.

@ 15:44:40.292 there is meas gap message.
Please send content.

Don’t have it in airscreen. Only for signalling window not for events window.
Cannot double click on any message on event window to get more details.

I’m thinking is it rrc connection reconfiguration message or some different message.

Only in signalling window.
Yes it is rrc reconfig to instruct B1NR meas gap.

Why ue need again on same cell.
It’s in memory only.

Not sure.
Measgap for NR is fixed in duration.
Doesn’t last eternally.
I think 15-20 seconds.
So new config has to be delivered fro NR meas.

Need to check.
As inter rat NR used same gap like LTE ie gap 0, 1.

See here how logn it lasts the measurements for B1:


600 msec.
Because it finds 5G very fast.
In other cases will last longer.
But my question is not about how long it lasts LTE meas gap is about why UE has to be configured again with B1 NR measurements.

I think these are tool internal message.

No, are taken from Qualcomm messages.

Here is 3 seconds LTE gap:


Which one gap from 0 to 11.
3 ms I think not 3 sec.

measGapConfig -> setup
gapOffset -> gp0 : 20
s-Measure : 0
speedStatePars -> release : null
mgta-r15 : true

It is 3 seconds how long the measurement gaps last see timestamp in my picture for those 2 arrows in red.

Another case:
7 seconds between HO to a new LTE cell till measurement config for B1-NR is delivered to teh UE:

No wonder service area for 5G NSA is so reduced.