Throughput in NSA 5G

Dear Brothers,
I have question about the values of the throughput in NSA 5G.
It won’t show values of MAC layer throughput in the section of 5G (as from DT drive for example) right but it won’t show the true MAC layer throughput as well in LTE cause its part of the TP not all of it.
Only RLC layer TP values will show, right?
And can anyone send some throughput calculation on such a NSA structure?

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You can see Throughputs at each layer regardless of LTE or NR in QXDM or QCAT or other tool such as XCAP.
You just need to know where to find it.
Even if it’s a Split bearer where data can come both on LTE and NR the tool should show Throughput levels at each layer.
You can also check Throughput and also the number of bytes at each layer.
UE log processing tools usually have this basic capabilities.

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Hi, @Atbarawi.

Reusing the Figure 4.2.2-1 from 3GPP TS 37.340, you may measure throughput for each leg at RLC, MAC and PHY.

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Calculation of throughput in NSA is NR RLC Throughput + LTE RLC or you can see App throughput

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DL throughput Split ratio applied at PDCP layer in NSA. so , suppose Split ratio -> 20:80 is applied means 20 % of PDCP data will go through LTE RLC and 80% data will go through Split bearer on NR RLC . so, in actual NW vender gives preference of RLC throughput because once data goes to Lower layer header size added and throughput increases. so, in my opinion DL RLC throughput should be consider for exact throughput .

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Thanks bro. I believe as U said about the real TP is relied on RLC

Hi Experts,

Can someone please guide what could be the possible reason for low TP in 5G NSA in very good radio conditions ?.What are the related parameters to verify ?

Could be due to artificial load which vendor keeps more than 50% initially as 5G traffic is low.
I faced similar issue.
Resolved after making it 0.

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Better to identify at what interface user is facing low NR throughput.

In NSA 3x scenarios, Throughput of 5G user = throughput of 5G part + throughput of LTE part.

If no radio issue at NR side, then increase in LTE user/traffic and load, throughput of LTE will degrade and overall user experience will degrade. As a result, NR user throughput/experience can be impacted by LTE part, and the LTE throughput of a 5G user can be monitored by User Downlink Split Average Throughput (NSA DC).


DL ENDC/throughput split is dynamic based on X2 and Uu interface, if LTE buffer is high, the data split to LTE will be less ( this though will degrade 5G user experience but won’t reflect in KPIs or RLC/MAC layer of NR, you have to catch it through PDCP layer).


Also if shared TXN b/w LTE & NR this can also be a major bottleneck.


Appreciated bro
Very informative

Thanks dear
This is the first time i hear of this parameter

But bro
On which level is this parameter?
And what is the vendor whome have this parameter?
I need little more details if possible dear