Telecom RAN Landscape

Hello Experts,

What are new trend in telecom, besides 5G?
Cloud? Open RAN?

Huawei facing a lot of problems.
Nokia and Ericsson having golden time.

Currently we can see a window of opportunity for O-RAN providers.
For LATAM they are struggling on new contracts.

You know, problem with Nokia is that if tomorrow they would be given the whole Europe they would not have engineers to swap Huawei out. :+1::+1:

Correct. :slight_smile:
Maybe Nokia call old force back.
It’s old strategy to show loss once increment cycle started.

Corona Virus “crisis” has made that the major operators in LATAM to stop investing on their networks… many contracts have been stopped and many many engineers were Layid-off.
On the last Quarter major groups (America MĂłvil, TELEFONICA, MILLICOM) showed poor financial results so they are not hiring services (as NPO, CARE, etc).

I think worldwide now Ericsson having more popularity for 5G projects deal, second Nokia.

ASIA, USA & EUROPE are investing on 5G.
For LATAM market the 5G investments are focussed on specific trials.
I think only in Brazil (AMX) have a rollout on 5G for this year…
Remaining countries (from Mexico to Argentina) are not planning massive rollouts.

Mostly 5G not consider for mass rollout, but area specific planning ongoing.

At the end, major Operators thinks that they can squeeze more and more LTE networks.

I think MNOs put major rollouts on hold due to open RAN availability mid 2021.
At that point open RAN vendors will be able to deliver and scale on 5G and massive MIMO.
Right now all of open RAN vendors have the solution ready for 2g/3g/4g single RAN.
Really Vodafone, Telefonica and Orange are looking at open RAN options.

Yes lot more in LTE.

Yes, specific areas and some specific use cases (FWA mostly).

LTE is best tech in all aspects.

5G will be better, but it needs time to ramp up, to be adopted by population.
People don’t need 5G.
But operators do need 5g and they expect people to pay for it.
This is the paradox of 5G.


Now customer in LTE roll out giving more preference to twin beam antenna as compared to going out for mMIMO…

Operators now very careful in choosing tech and vendor by seeing competitive market and arpu going low.

So far, 5G is more on what will bring the new applications and requirements.
So far many of the 5G use cases can be supplied by 4G (with the proper amount of spectrum).

Yes, indeed.
How the MNOs will charge their customers in order to pay for the 5G?

In China they even reduced monthly subscription after 5G introduction.

I think it was a report from OMDIA where I saw that the 5G will be paid mostly from Indutry instead of common customers.

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This may be true 5 years from now.
But do you know a single 5G app that cannot be handled by 4G?
Maybe AR and VR.

Yes, correct mostly from Private Network.