Switching ANR OFF / ON for limited periods of time?

Hello Guys.
I am facing many problems with the Huawei 4G ANR.
The vendor’s recommendation was to leave it ON.
But I really do not agree with the on going problems and far away neighbor additions…

In your networks, for those who deal with Huawei vendor:
Do you recommend switching ANR OFF and turning it ON for a limited time only?

Noe: I will raise this ticket with the vendor again, just wanted your insight on the subject.

Maybe you are adding too many neighbors.
Did you enable deletion?

Yes, I have ANR delete enabled as well.

Recommendation is Always ON but I have tuned the default Huawei parameters for ANR.

I have tuned the ANR delete parameters.
But for the addition, I did some tuning but am still getting irrelevant neighbors…
For example Neighbors with distance more than 20 km, and these additions are causing HO failures and eRAB drops.
I did not find a way to put distance conditions in thr ANR, for not to add this neighbor if it is more than 10 km for example.

This is Huawei ANR issue.
No threshold for RSRP or anything in order to Add.
You can penalize the far relations manually, putting in the black list.

Yes @AhmedKenzy, but this is time consuming.
Do you mean to forbid the relation, right?

Yes exactly.
It is not efficient at all.
But that is what I am doing currently.

And is ANR always switched ON?

In Ericsson system, you have parameters like removeNcellTime, removeNendTime etc.
You can reduce it to 1 day, so that ANR does measurement and update neighbor list daily.
You can check maybe corresponding parameters for Huawei.

The problem is with the neighbor update.
I will try to change the control mode to manual.

How the eNB add 20 km neighbor, with A3 event?
Or auto create by X2?
There is SON log to verify this…

ANR is good feature to activate in Network but you need to take care specially in Rural/Open Areas.
had experienced same and activate only in Dense Urban/Urban areas.
You can manually add neighbours in Open areas.

This change will prevent ANR from adding or deleting relations.
It will only report the logs to U2000.

Same in my network.
We leave it ON but for the far relations we put them in the black list.

My suggestion is increasing cell radius in Huawei to 15 km, in order to improve Intra Freq Handover then you can forbidden high distance relation.
ANR will add neighbor even if it get one attempt.
However, it is a good feature and disable it is not recommended.

I did this exercise when i Activate L900 of Forbid relationship after Deactivate ANR.

You can also increase time trigger a3 to 640 ms, for reducing ping pong handover.

Intra RAT, is based on handover events.

This is a balanced solution and i might consider it, thank you for your help @Zubairullahshah.