Split LTE traffic towards NR

Hi Experts,

Anyone working with Nokia 5G? I have a question about this parameter: dlDataSplitBufferBuildUpThreshold and it means: “This parameter indicates the PDCP Buffer build up threshold with respect to the current NR Tput after which DL data split can be started”

And has the value 5 in the network (range is from 1 to 100).
Does it mean that data split (to x2 LTE as well) start when buffer pdcp is 5%?
Or it means that when current NR throughput is high but pdcp still has 5% of data that cannot be sent over NR it will send it to LTE as well data split?

My aim is to push as much traffic towards NR. So not sure to set this param to 90 or keep it 5.

Why dont you disable X2-U between eNb-gNB?
That is make option 3A of EN-DC (SCG bearer instead of split SCG).
I mean for testing, for commercial purpose you may not allow to do it.

It is commercial.
And I need LTE leg as well.
I just want to fill the NR as much as possible and only after to transfer via LTE.
So I have to keep data split.