Solve "rlc-MaxNumRetx" and "synchReconfigFailureSCG" failures

Hi Experts,
Any suggestions to resolve or mitigate the “rlc-MaxNumRetx” and “synchReconfigFailureSCG” failures in SCG Failure Information?
Vendor is Huawei.

During which event, please.

Please check parameter maxretxthreshold.
Under RLC config.
Change it to t32.

This is 5G coverage issue.
You should check your anchors and 4G-5G relations and continuity of 5G layer.

In 4G or 5G side?

5G side.
As UE send scf failure info to LTE leg but due to issue of 5G parameters.

:+1: Is there any sync out?

Checked: already with 32 for all sites.

What is your value of n310, T310, n311, t311 in 5G?

Is it in 4G end or 5G end?

It’s for 5G.

You know that samsung terminals disconnect 5G when over heated, right?

I don´t know…maybe.

This is confirmed for Samsung S21.

Over 43 degrees it cuts 5G:

Hum… Thanks for the info.

Nowadays in my NET we only have 3 terminals models working in NSA Network (b3_b7_N1):

  • Huawei P40
  • Motorola Edge 5G
  • and recently (this week), Samsung S21.

Overheating in UE can be one reason for failure, but also coverage will trigger same messages.
As I said you can’t expect 100% of those failures in your network are due to terminal issues.
Some are also caused by RF.
LACK of 5G coverage, missing 4G-5G relations
AT the end of 5G coverage do you have an A2 event to release the SCG?

I didn´t check it. Why?

If it is set too low, then chances of SCG failures are high.

I mean when your UE walks out of 5G coverage what message do you expect to see in 5G and what counters you expect to be incremented?
Just remember that 5G serving cell is very different from 4G serving cell.
Even when are the same footprint of antenna is very different in 4G and 5G.

A2 it set as -121 dBm.
Is this -121dBm value good?