Solution to RRC Connected Users Unbalanced

Hello Experts,
RRC connected user in one 1800 band is more as compared to another.
We have Idle MLB and also MLB on.
How to shift traffic in this regard?
It is UE based MLB.
RRC user and Active user almost same.
What can be the solution?

I think you can adjust MLB settings to achieve this.

Do I keep UE based and adjust or make PRB or UE mode both?
In high RRC Idle MLB can work.

There can be solution based on what strategy is adopted by your customer.
Like you can trigger load balancing by using coverage & MLB.
For RRC you need to tweak idle mode setting or active user you need to tweak UE based and for PRB you need to tune MLB.

RRC and Active both are user, which means idle mode can work.
RRC and Active both are same.

You can try to shift using inter freq load balancing using RSRQ filter
I’m saying for connected mode, idle mode try to put more weight to layer where you need more user.
Like 80, 40, 20, 1 ratio.

Coverage is always there and RSRP based and load both are.

My opinion is that you should not be concerned about number of UEs in idle mode on each layer but you should be concerned about PRB utilization on each layer.
This is what really matters…

My RRC user are 35 in one band and like 10 in same 1800 band.
PRB is only 30 percent difference.
But throughput is degraded.
So idle mode is the key as access is high

Then you can try connected mode balancing.

Make MLB based on both UE number and PRB utilization.

I am thinking to make only high RRC, as PRB and UE both.

35 users is not much.
There are cells with 200-300 users.

Diff is large. They want to be same almost, like 80 percent RRC user overlap.
Means like 25 and 18 RRC user.
Will do for them.
They are telling what’s the issue of having same bandwidth carrier, dnd same RS power, And same tilts, 700 is there but is less user which is good.
It is also same bandwidth.

MLB feature of Huawei is so well explained in hedex and has loads of paraeters and thresholds.
I am sure you can find a solution.

For 35 user put idle weight like 20% and for 10 use put 80% so user.
Is Huawei using which algorithm for idle mode balancing? Weighted round robin?

Too much baseline mismatch not as per baseline.
What baseline set there i given values considering current users given by you.
It is ue based and mlb, qrxlevmin, snonintra, some mlb switch off. This are the mismatch.
Scripts not defined properly in most sites.
Some having sintra high some having low.
There are remote sites and cell radios is 10 km and they are going beyond 14 km.
Idle mode ue is 20 in 1800 15 mhz both carriers and remaining carriers 700 10 mhz is 10 ue.
Idle ue, synue and prb ue is on.
Prbidleue is off.
Minue is is10 max is 20 ue mlb.
Idle and active both are high in almost all sites one carrier.
1800 band and another is less.
But prb utilization is not that much diff.

Ok, just check for idle mode algorithm used…

Generally decision for balancing taken on basis of avg rrc connected user.
Is there way to check idle users in Huawei.
I mean by kpi.

Rrc attempts only we can check.
Need to check if we can having only idle users.

Active user indicate user having DRB.
RRC user + DRD = Active UE.