Solution to Alarm "Inconsistency in high peak rate HSPA config"

Hello Nokia Experts.

Observing an alarm “Inconsistency in high peak rate HSPA config” in all the DC sectors of a Nokia 3G site.

What could be issue?

How to clear this alarm?

Check your HSPA rate configured in CW.
The parameter to enable

64QAM enabled there?

Yes all parameter configuration seems to be correct only.

Already enabled.

Check the CW. Maybe something wrong for that site configuration.

There is no alarm in the site manager.

Didn’t find any discrepancy in configuration.

Is there any parameter for data rate in the site configuration?

Yes there is in CW.

Take a site working properly and compare both configuration in CW.

Actually this is only site working with Dual Cell configuration in our network.

Cells are up but there not much improvement in throughput.

We want to optimize this site first and then create some more DC sectors.

Also check if he license is ON for this.

Check your CLS if license is set and counting.

Yes license is ON in RNC.




All the site have this at ON?

Yes almost all.


Please show the DC configuration parameters you did.


Deactivate the DC HSUPA.

Line 12.

Actually it was deactivated when alarm was there.

And after activation also alarm is there.

Ok. But deactivate it back.


  • Are you using MIMO?

  • HSPAQoSEnabled must be the same value in both cells


That is same for the cells.

One question:

What does it mean “Local cell is not Multi Cell Capable”? :point_down:

Check the MCellHSDPAEnabled

If set to 1, change to 0