Solution to Alarm "Inconsistency in high peak rate HSPA config"

I think this parameter is not available in this version.

What should be Tcell value for each cell? Is 0, 1, 2 is okay?

Or shall I use 0, 3, 6?

Yes, it is.

This is actually disabled in WCEL.

Deactivated but alarm is still there.

Are these parameters in LCG settings correct? :point_down:

Not correct.

Can you share the same for the 4 LCG?

How are you defining those LCG?

Are they under the same SMOD?


Only one LCG for all the cells.

But I see 4 LCG.

No those are not added.

You can see + symbol in the right side.

Oh, ok!

I thought because you selected the 1st that’s why showing +

Do you suggest any modifications here?

Change those 2 to 100%

  • shareofHSDPAUser
  • shareofHSUPACapacity

Hi. It was done but again the sector went down.

Also in CW?


It came up and again went down with same alarm.

Ok. I will check with you again.

Your LTE is on 2100, right?

And you are doing 2T2R, right?

Yes, correct.

Your hardware configuration is enough normally.

FRGU is 6T6R with 6*60W.

And can support LTE up to 20 MHz.

And you are not doing UMTS.

I think your FRGU has an issue.

They should try to switch with another one and observe.

If still nok, you should open a ticket with Nokia BO support…

Yes this was send to the field team.

They will arrange to replace.

Ok great! :wink:

Thank you for your help and support!

Update: Issue was resolved after replacing FRGU :slightly_smiling_face: