Solution fo UL very high and DL very low, RSRP very nice and SINR very poor

Serving Cell RSRQ (dB):


CQI CW 0 Carrier 1:

Check this, RSRP in server cell and Neigh 1 are the same:

Hmm…this sounds like MIMO cabling problem.
Like on one sector you have TX cables from 2 different sectors.
Check MIMO counters to clarify this.

You say that in one antenna you have TX cable of sector 1 or 2 for example?

Yes, maybe.

What Counter do I need to check, please?

What’s the site MIMO config 2x2 or 4x4?
Average and max rank indicator.
If MIMO cables are twisted then rank should always be 1 meaning only 1 layer for MIMO spatial multiplexing.

It’s MIMO 2x2.

Then rank should be always 1 in counters for 2 sectors, not just for one sector.
If you never see samples of 2 layers for mimo then this is it: MIMO cables twisted on site between sectors
Please check counters from several days plotted by hours and see rank indicator or number of layers.
If both are 1 then MIMO cables are twisted.

RI Carrier 1:

So it is always 1 in Drive Test.
This is a good hint I am right.
But check counters for Rank Indicator and MIMO layers.
For cells, in OSS.

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Couldn’t it cause high VSWR?

No I don’t think so.
It’s just that different signals are radiated on a wrong antenna.
That’s all.

So cross feeder alarm?

Nope. No such alarms. Paths are orthogonal +45 and -45 degrees.

Or maybe there is?
Which vendor is it?
Was site like this since integration or it just happens recently?

Vendor is ZTE.
Issue only happening recently.
Site have 3 years in service, and no recent intervention on site recently.

Yes, we need to plot counters of rank and mimo layers to conclude.

It may not be MIMO issue but 2 PCIs having same signal strength coming from pretty much same direction.
So again too much overlapping between cells.
It is weird that 2 PCIs have exactly same RSRP as in your picture.

I think that there are bad connections, because RTWP in sector B don’t measure, and in Sector C have one in -104.
Average RSSI Charts…

Average RSSI Sector A:

Average RSSI Sector B:

Average RSSI Sector C:

Usually policy got wrongly implemented at router end then such cases apear.

This is another problem you have to fix as a flat RTWP.