Shift Traffic from UMTS to GSM (3G Traffic to 2G)?

Hi Experts,
I know this could sound kind of generic, but I needed expert advice. :wink:
What’s the best practice to be done in order to shift traffic from U900 to G900 (mainly CS traffic)?
The site is alone site.
Vendor is Huawei

Traffic aware mobility? (Not sure if available in 3G).
When mobile triggers Voice call, network force handover.

To shift only CS traffic, you can increase 2D/2F measurement, handover threshold of CS to very high, for e.g. -50 dBm.
UE in CS connected will be easy to iRAT HO to GSM.

Changing 2d threshold would lead to shift of all type of Traffic.
So you can give service specific offset, although it is an RNC level parameter.
Here you can give service negative offset to PS rab, and can set 2d EcNo at level of -4 dB at cell level, so all CS traffic would move to 2G, but data PS traffic would remain in 3G.

Aare there any feature that load-oriented?

Features not load oriented.

I am referring to something like LDR or OLC, but for 3G-2G.

2D/2F threshold have different value for amr, ps r99, hspa. Just increase 2d2f of amr service. And parameters have rnc-level and cell-levell, to shift for 1 site, just change cell-level parameter.

Increase 2d and 2f of AMR service only.

1a,1b,1c,1e,1f … :slight_smile:
Very old words for 3G events… How technology vanish within 5 years!
Can’t believe.

Those who work with 3G know it is a pain compared to LTE.
LTE is easier the 3G (if compared with that technology).

Inter-RATs is always a headache anyways, but yeah you are right.

And thank you all folks, I got the idea! :wink: