Best way to move traffic from 2G->3G

Hi TelecomHall Experts family.
Who is the best way to move traffic from 2G->3G and don’t easy come back to 2G again?
Vendor Huawei.
(Parameters and MO, if possible)

Check 2D Event.

Thanks, I will check. :wink:

You can set like:

  1. Idle mode:
    GSM: idle always search 3G. UMTS: rxlevmin = - 105dbm
  2. Connected mode:
    UMTS: idle mode inter-rat start search = - 110dbm, connected mode 2D = - 110 dbm. GSM rxlev about -100dbm

Adjust value of 2D, Qqualmin from 3G end and FDDQmin from 2G end