Sector swap detection algorithm

Hi All,
In your network, is there any sector swap detection algorithm or mechanism from system (or tool) to check it?
Like any alarm or something?
We have one alarm based on cpri port mismatch, but for that site outage is there as per design.
We don’t want downtime till field Engineer go to field and connect right Cpri.

Hello @onkar.ghatpande,

A good way to identify sector swap (cross feeder) is using Drive Test data:

Maybe with some adjust in solution there we can define an algorithm.

I guess still there no tool created to identify the sector swap, till now the best way is drive test. They is another way, that is by check HO requests from the neighbor cells.
Suppose cell D, E, F are the potential neighbors of cell A and cell G,H,I are the potential neighbors if cell B.

So, if you are getting high incoming/outgoing HO request from G,H,I to A or vise versa, you can be 90% sure that there is a sector swap between A and B.

Hi thanks! Our network is huge consists of 0.3M eNodeBs with 3.5M cells so we save drive test cost as much as possible.

Currently as no sector swap is detected from system so we have started using periodic measurements data. If for sector alpha, 850 band to 2300 band measurements are lesser than 850 alpha to 2300 beta/gamma I.e. inter sector ho attempts are more than intra sector and sector orientation gap is more than 60 degrees then we suspect sector swap

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Please, you need to see the following two articles, here a group of algorithms that solve this problem are described, and with an effectiveness never seen before. We have recently implemented these algorithms and they really work very well, if you want help with the implementation you can contact me. Greetings to all.