RRC_RECFG msg failure reasons

Hello Experts.

Anyone can help with understanding a 5G NSA case?

  1. UE setup PSCEL/NSA @604/623,
  2. On (74), eNB asked for UE to perform RRC_RECFG, but UE fails and perform REESTAB on another cell.

I would like to understand the RRC_RECFG msg and the failure cause.

It’s mentioned there → it’s reconfiguration failure.
May be there is something in reconfiguration that UE could not handle.

Possibly UE does’nt support the ENDC configuration.
I mean band combo.

In my network, I have L18, L26, L8, L21, NR35 (TDD).

The UE should support.

I think if UE is not supporting then gNB will not configure anything which is not supported by UE.

This is the reconfiguration msg, there is no addition of band.

After NSA PSCell is added, enb sends UE info to perform scell CA-Lte addition but UE fails.

Is there a switch to disable scell lte addition after nsa PSCell is added?

Yes, this can be done as LTE CA with 5G is a feature that can be enabled or disabled.

Parameter actCAggrLteNrDualConnectivity.