RRC Connection Setup SR is 5% only

Hi All,
RRC connection setup SR is 5% on one site.
Number of RRC users doesn’t hit on site, timer value fine.
If RACH procedure fail, I mean content based resolution, that can be one of reason.
This is what is coming to my mind. Any other clue?
What can be other reasons?


PUCCH Users and PUCCH QCI Users fine ?

Yes dear, ddimensioning wise fine.
No counter pegged for it.
We have PUCCH resources unavailable.

Lot of short CQI may be happening in PUCCH resource congestion.
In Huawei there is adaptive cqi, pucchandsrscombine switch, pucch optimize switch… which solves PUCCH congestion to a extent.
Also your initial CQI should be less.

We have load based PUCCH for optimization of PUCCH…

Adaptive CQI kind of thing.

For RRC failure cause, if it is “no reply” for most samples, then it is Radio.
Proceed with more downtilt.

Ok, thanks. Let me check TA sample.

You need to check RRC failures due to “no reply” and due to “cell radius”.

I’m checking contention based RACH SR.
It’s linked with antenna coverage, how far UE accessing site.

This is actually good suggestion. I was gonna ask to check eNB side if any issue.
5% RRC SR means definite issue at eNB.
You can also check Preamble B allocation which usually another indication if more users are coming from poor coverage areas.

Asked to check RACH collision as well, let’s see.

Hmmm. If issue is at RRC stage then Msg1-Msg3 are more or less ok.

Which message is the failure from msg1 till msg5?
And any alarms apart from that?

Try to increase UE wait timer for Msg4 (eNB response).

If issues from msg3, then RA is fine.

Contention resolution after msg 3.

Come to think of it check this value. It might be too low or incorrectly set.

Discrepancy Parameters might not be the cause of 5% RRC SR.
I believe there is a conflict in hardware configuration on this site.
Review board settings/rfport reference again.

Which timer please do you mean for contention resolution timer?