RI distribution in TEMS

Hello Experts,
How RI distribution is coming like this (in TEMS discovery) or 5G?

I think first you have to clarify what CSC SB=SB-01 means. may be related to serving beam.
Is this a mmWave log?

Yes, it’s SSB beam one.
But why this many RI is coming?

Maybe RI doesn’t stand for Rank Indicator but for Range Index.
Then you’ll have the number of serving beam inside the Grid of Beams.
Just an opinion don’t take it for granted.
Which Vendor is it?

I think max 4 RI we can go for 5G NR if single SSB then it’s 2.
Please correct if wrong.

You are right, regular should be 4x4 or 2x2.
Maybe new UE with 8x8 but that should be all.
But I think it is not rank there.
Don’t you have a “right click/ atribute help” like in Actix for every IE?

Vendor is Ericsson.

Ericsson uses grid of beams concept that means beams cannot be pointed "anywhe only on specific locations called grid of beams.
This grid of beams covers the whole footprint of the cell and UE is served by only 1 beam index.

I think what you have there is beam index inside the grid of beams.

Yes, I am also thinking,
I am helping a friend in TEMS Investigation analysis, but lots of new term they mentioned.
It’s 22.1 version.

I think as of now Nokia use same only for 5G.
EBB on the basis of SRS still not there.
This multiple beam index not clear with Single SSB.

In mmwave there are 64 SSBs.
64 index of SSBs.

Yes agree.
But @zango1986 mentioned for above case Single SSB.
Please correct me.

I will check later then I will confirm.
Because I am also not sure right now, that’s why I asked, any one work in the Tems investigation 22.1 here. :wink:

Let me know the issue.
I have worked on TI 22.1 for 2 months a while ago for NSA analysis.

This is the issue. What does RI means since it ranges up to 48?

This is no RI distribution.
We used to take a different one for that in TD.
Let me check and get back to you.

1 SSB has 4 CSI RS beam in case of GoB.
Beam refined with CSI RS or SRS.
Can we see CSI RS beam index in drive log?
I heard that Qualcomm few chip set are not supporting CSI RS based refinement, is it true?

Csi rs beam valid for FR1 as of now most of vendors not supporting beam refinement.

Nokia supporting beam refinement with CSI RS and SRS both now.
FR2 is not implemented yet.

SRS means Eigen based beamforming supported now where UE reports SRS according to which gNB apply long term weight on antenna element to generate best beam for user.
Is it correct or is it as per CSI report by UE fixed beam selected by gNB?