RI distribution in TEMS

Yes, gNB calculate weight for each Tx and generate refined beam based on CSI RS nd SRS but few UEs are not supporting CSI RS.
That’s what I heard, not sure.

I have tested 5G MU MIMO with 100% PMI weights and working fine.
All users are supporting CSI RS in my network.
Do you have any reference for unsupported UEs?
In LTE I found many users are not supporting CSI RS in TM9 but not in 5G.

Thanks @ajaymsfather.
Qualcomm chip set SDX 50 UE not supporting CSI RS based refinement.

Your test was done with how many SSB beams?

In Huawei SSB beams are based on scenario.
We tested with 8 SSB beams.

MU MIMO valid for FR1 only or can be used with FR2 as well.
In above case mentioned 4 users can be in pairing, please check.

Is there any calculation for pairing?
From where 4 UE come from?
In 8 SSB, 4 UE with 2*2 MIMO, is it?

Yes correct.
Taken same assumptions.

Thanks @ankgitm.
1 SSB has 4 CSI RS, so with 1 SSB pairing can be done with 2 UE (2 * 2 MIMO) but overlapping will be high.
So for MU MIMO SSB should be different and can go up to 8 UE in paring with 4*4 MIMO that is my understanding.
Please correct if I am wrong.

Yes correct.
Overlapping is high but same factor of correlation we need to consider i.e. users separation key factor for MU MIMO.
In my view I am not seeing any difference as compared to mMIMO.
For 4*4 condition it depend on UE capability if its support 4 RX and in that case with 8 SSB beam only 2 users can be in pairing.
I m not taking as of now CSI RS in picture.

Samsung S10 5G is sdm855 x50 5G modem chipset device and we have csi-rs reported in mmWave and not reported in 3.5 Ghz.

I think its CSI UE will report not CSI RS.

I mean csiRsrp will be reported.

Ok, it’s possible, thanks.