Rakuten reports huge losses in Q1/2021

Rakuten reports huge losses in Q1/2021…

Analysts at New Street Research are concerned that to cover accelerating costs, Rakuten Mobile needs to attract more customers than might be possible.

Why it’s showing loss, if we see increase in user always?

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Innovation is good but it seems it comes at a too high price.
Revenue is less than operational expenses.
Even if customers are growing in number.

Oh, I see…

We all hear this now and then.

Yes Rakuten is highest paying job among consultant.

Not so much.
Life in Japan is expensive.
You end up paying 5 euro for an apple. :apple:

I hope open ran fails.
Otherwise salary and jobs both are on stake for RF.

Yes agree Tokyo is World most expensive city!

5 euro for an apple! :apple: :open_mouth:

Japan is one of the most expensive countries.
Hotels are like 8-10 sqm room.
(sometimes even less than this 8 sqm).

In india we will get 2 to 3kg apple.
Around 10 to 12 apples. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

That’s tough life. :frowning:

With Altiostar, i.e. cloud based solutions all advanced technology used by Rakuten.
I would say World innovation centre.
Even I read Rakuten guiding most of operators for network build.

You mean Open RAN equipments so expensive?

Nope, it is at early stage and not high serial equipment probably still prototypes or something like this.
R&D costs are still very high.

Yes, Initial investment too high.

Mass production has not started.

Most of new operators looking at Rakuten network to bring Open RAN.

Vodafone has also very good projects with openRAN
In UK they will have 2000 sites openRAN this year.
In Romania for e.g. Huawei will be swapped out by Ericsson 1600 sites initially. Orange operator.
Domination of Huawei in Europe comes slowly to an end.
But Huawei has Asia, Africa, South America.
Plenty of markets for them.