Rakuten reports huge losses in Q1/2021

Current 5G market of Huawei almost come from China.

Yes, I hear Huawei deployed over 600k gNodeBs in China alone.

Sorry… Rakuten is using FlexRAN on FH interface not 7.2x.
Why are you saying Open RAN?
FlexRAN is a INTEL FH interface.

As per my knowledge rakuten having CU, DU with Altiostar and RU with Nokia.
Please correct me if I am wrong…

You are right, but it is flexRAN fronthaul not pure 7.2x.

Agree buddy :+1:

From Altiostar DU to RIU (Radio Interface Unit) on the pole you have FlexRAN, from RIU to Nokia RRH you have CPRI.

:+1: RIU is converter used for cpri to ecpri… is it correct?

Yes, correct.