Push TDD Traffic towards FDD

Hello Experts,
I want to push TDD (2300) Traffic towards FDD (1800).
What should be the possible settings?

Inter freq HO and MLB both will work as FDD 1800 has good penetration, compared to TDD 2300.
Need to check RS power and priority.

Yes what should the RS power recommended settings?
If TDD has 2 carrier?

What is your network bandwidth?

It is C1-20, C2-10.

If same RS power C2 will have more traffic.

FDD 10.
Can we play with any sort of RS power related settings to push traffic from TDD to FDD?

Priority, Cell reselection.
Who is high FDD or TDD?
TDD should be high.
Don’t decrease RS power in FDD as TDD penetration is less.
If TDD priority is low make it high.
Or less MLB is preferred.

You can try with Reselection-MLB or HO-MLB.

Try decreasing Qoffset (FDD,TDD) for CR-MLB and increase CIO (FDD,TDD) for HO-MLB.

CR-MLB is preferred.

Operational principle of CR-MLB:

Operational principle of HO-MLB:

More than power IFLB LMS plays good movement to FDD.
However if you have 30 MHz in TDD keep the capacity layer loaded then FDD may be 5/10 MHz.
Voice still can be on FDD and data can be moved to TDD.

Not really whether 20/10 MHhz.

Ideally it should be set as same, am I right?

We have same BW scenario, but:
C2 in less prio than C1.
FDD L1800 same prio C2.
TDD we use Rs 152 Pa -3 Pb 1 both 20+10 Mhz.
FDD we use RS 152 Pa 0 Pb 0 for 20 Mhz.
And modify A2A4 threshold L2300 in order to maintain user experience and balancing between bands in same sector/footprint.

Work on priorities on idle mode and active mode.
Make this TDD with low reselection prio, voice prio and connectedmodprio.
Then play with mobility thresholds A2 and A5 to delay inter HO towards it and make it faster from ot.


Normally, to push traffic from one carrier to another carrier, there are some strategies in idle mode and connected mode.
In idle mode, to prefered camping on FDD1800, we can use some parameters such as frequency priority, searching threshold, CIO …
In connected mode, we can use some parameters such as inter-freq HO, load balancing,…
But remember that we only change parameters to easier F1-> F2, not apply same parameters for reverse direction F2->F1 because it will cáue ping pong problems.