Nokia - IFLB handovers increased after VOLTE enabled

Hello Nokia Experts!
I am facing an issue, after enabling VOLTE in Nokia vendor, high increase in inter-freq handovers with increase in CCE Utilization observed from L1800 Nokia (20Mhz) to L900 ZTE (5Mhz), causing high load on L900 impacting integrity KPI’s.
After disabling complete VOLTE parameter set, IF-HO’s and CCE Utilization gets reduce to PRE value.
Kindly confirm if anyone has faced such issue and the reason for increase in mentioned counters / KPI’s, or if there is any solution.
Please note that, VOLTE is not launched commercially in mentioned area.
Thank you in advance.

Hello dear,

We have few conversations in the Forum about IFLB. (It’s recommended to search for some key words, before creating new topics. :wink: )

Please check if some of these can help, and let us know.

Hi, thanks for your feedback. i have already gone through these posts, and found my query as different. Thank You,

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One reasonable guess is the maturity of QoS configurations in L1800 triggered the overloaded traffic indicator and Handover, because volte performance requirements on Bler rate and latency are demanding, taking higher traffic priority and resources. You may need debugging the traffic scheduling