Problems with split bearer 5G NSA

Hello everybody.

I’m testing 4G and 5G only tests.

On 4G band 3 I get 170 Mb DL while on 5G band 257 I get 570 Mb DL.

When the split bearer is activated, the performance on 4G drops to 10 Mb.

Can you tell me why and what to check?

Thank you!

which vendor? which release? I assume you are using option 3x. A simple and quick answer to your question is that there are a lot of parameters on RAN side related to split in both UL and DL. Read properly those parameters and you will understand where the issue comes from.

You can also check what is the split ratio in split bearer.

Is this a simultaneous test for 5G and 4G after split implementation?

If yes, 4G resources are divided among ENDC split (5G NSA) and 4G …

Rest of things also matter. How do you test…