PDCCH monitoring for USS

Hello Experts,
I have query regarding PDCCH monitoring for USS.
Actually for SA case and CSS PDCCH monitoring initially for SIB1 the parameters required are provided as part of mib.pdschSIB1config
But once sib 1 is decoded, how about for USS other slots PDCCH monitoring ?
Will there be any parameters sent over RRC message for upcoming USS data
Because in lte 1st symbol of each sf has the info of no. of PDCCH symbols and with respect to rnti it will be decoded but how about in NR?
Thanks in advance

Yup…in Rrc setup—pdcch_config.

Hi Nitin,

Thanks for information and Yes it’s correct but If we consider LTE, We could see for each sub frame we have PCFICH channel at symbol 1 which provides the info of number of symbols are used for PDCCH for every sub frame but in NR suppose we received “Rrc setup—pdcch_config” at instant of time with param related to search space but same configuration is applied to all slots forever i mean till UE moved to OOS or rebooted.

Ex: Initially in NR when UE booted up, UE will get MIB and SIB via pdcch-common-search-space-0 config and decode it later once RACH established Let’s say RRC setup-pddch-config received at one point but will this configuration continued to be applied for further USS decoding because In LTE we will be getting dynamic CFI values for each subframe as each sf starting symbol will decoded for PDCCH info.

Thanks in advance