Parameters Baseline Audit


Congratulations on the tool. It is very interesting.

In any case I have a question about it
How should the baseline model be uploaded?

Thnak you.

Hello dears.
We are receiving a lot of questions (doubts about BODA).

So, let’s try to put it simple:

  1. Yes, some other tools (professional and commercial) are BETTER than BODA, we don’t have doubt. But all the other great TOOLs are Paid, while BODA is Free/Open Source, and is developed/supported by telecomHall Community, mainly Emmanuel.

  2. The Goal of BODA is to allow friends that CAN NOT afford to buy such tools, to have an EXCELLENT way to process raw CM* data from any vendor / RAT, any release into CSV files.
    So, having the CSV files anyone can continue writing their own audits.
    It’s impossible for us now, to create all demanded audits, etc…
    Of course, if there were some feedback/help from community on this we could have something, but unfortunately, we don’t.
    Point is: BODA is amazing to process raw CM data into CSV -> and you can use the CSV as you want.

  3. About database.
    Although current version of BODA (and the instructions in website) recommend to use its PQSL database, we are changing this too.
    At least for short term.
    Configuring, update, maintaining databases and all it’s tables and queries demand too much time… And again, with almost with no collaboration, it’s impossible to do.
    But: anyone can write audits based on CSV files.
    CSV files are already a “big thing”. :slight_smile:

  4. For those who want to install BODA (Lite version only!).
    It’s easy, and simple - just FOLLOW instructions here:
    But make sure only install the tool, do not move on to DATABASE or AUDITS.
    telecomHall Experts Handbook

  5. If you have any doubts (USING BODA ONLY), please join this group here:

  6. And of course, the PLACE or HALL to discuss it is our Community.
    If you still don’t have a user there, PLEASE do it: create your username, to incentivate the project.
    You are welcome to join WEB FORUM: