Number of SSBs in the Frequency domain of BWP

Hi all.
Anyone know the number of SSBs in the frequency domain of BWP and how UE learns about the position in the frequency domain. I know of the offset in RRC config but there seems to be in MIB another related configuration ssb-SubcarrierOffset… Not sure how the two are used.

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SS blocks are based on frequency band:
• <3 GHz: 4 SSB beams
• <6 GHz: 8 SSB beams
• mmWave: 64 SSB beams

represents the frequency offset between point A and the lowest subcarrier of the lowest resource block overlaps with the SS/PBCH block used by the UE for initial cell selection

There are 2 types of SSBs that can exist in the same carrier
1- CD- SSB: cell defining SSB that has an association with SIB 1 that has the NCGI of the cell. CD- SSB is always located in the initial BWP. UE will know the location through cell search on the sync raster

2- non CD-SSB: not associated with SIB 1. Can be used in ENDC case. Even in SA, one or more of this SSB type can coexist within same BWP. UE will know the location via RRC Reconfiguration


Thank you! That makes sense

We have two types of BWP NCD SSB and CD-SSB @O.B explanation is very to good related to the the same.
I can add here is that NCD SSB and CD-SSB have BWP usecase. I got to know to that by reading this article.
they explained very well about that both SSBs.

NCD-SSB and CD-SSB BWP Use Case for Redcap or NR-Light.

  • -Initial Shared BWP with CD-SSB
  • -Initial Separate BWP without CD-SSB
  • -Initial Separate BWP with CD-SSB
  • -UE-Specific BWP with CD—SSB
  • -UE-Specific BWP with NCD-SSB