NSA Device to identify SA deployed in some areas

Hello 5G experts,
I have an NSA supporting 5G device for the Drive test and I need to identify whether the network has SA deployed in some areas.
Which message from Network can I use to identify this?
Is it identifiable from UE capability request or any other message?

No, SA Device would be different.
I never seen same device support SA and NSA.

When the network is SA, SIB1 will be broadcasted.
In NSA gNB may not need to broadcast SIB1.

SDM 865 devices support SA & NSA.
E.g. Samsung S20+ device.

But my question is for NSA only devices say Samsung S10 5G which doesn’t support SA mode.

Oneplus8 plus can support SA and NSA.
Also Samsung latest devices can too.

One plus nord.

Let me rephrase my question for clarity. :wink:

I have an S10 5G device which supports only NSA mode.
If I do drive test with this device in an SA deployed area, wil I be able to identify the network have SA from my log files?

This is correct but that is reverse reporting with NSA device i.e. If I don’t have SIB1 it is NSA.
But I am looking for some messages which indicate SA in the network to a UE, for e.g. say UE can be can be in LTE initially and then moves to SA deployed area.

Mobile device can not work as a scanner.
As no protocols software support for SA it will not be able to record information.

Ok, then how a scanner can distinguish SA and NSA from system broadcast messages?
A scanner is less intelligent than a mobile device, right?

You cannot identify 5G SA cells with an NSA only device.

In SA you should see RRC request and setup and complete in 5G.
You will not see those messages in NSA.

Yes scanners can not make end to end call.
Scanner only decode downlink broadcast information and just store it.
Mobile is much more complex.

I was looking into the below UE cap msg from NSA device:

I think eutra-nr-only -r15 true means n/w support only NSA?
And if the network supports SA, then it will sent some sort of mesg to the NSA Ue also.
That’s my thinking.

Specially since we have SA-NSA interworking in some devices, the network shud some indication about what the Cell supports -SA or NSA.

The below is one SA UE cap enquiry to SA supporting UE.

It is very easy:
If you see SIB1 in logs means it is SA otherwise is NSA.

So will I be able to see SIB1 in NSA only device also?

No SIB1 in NSA.
No RRC request in 5G NSA.

So what I’m saying is that I don’t have an SA device to see SIB1 or RC from 5G.
I’m inclined to look into UE cap request message from SA n/w to NSA only device.

UE capability request will be only for NR in SA.
In NSA UE capability request will be 2 of them:
One for 4G, 3G, 2G capability;
And one for eutra-nr and NR.

Yes correct.
So if my NSA device receives a UE cap request, will I be able to identify the SA presence?
I think if that msg don’t have eutra-nr but have only NR in it, then it can be SA n/w, right?