NR SA Throughput is bad while ENDC Throughput is good

Hi Experts,
NR SA Throughput is bad while ENDC Throughput is good.
I am trying to increase the NR Throughput.
Does anyone try to play with dlsplitgaiblnthreshold in Nokia?

My understanding is that this parameter is helpful to improve overall throughput.
Lower the value of parameter results in higer the ratio of dual rat transmission.
Will not have any impact on pure NR throughput.

But my initial routing is through f1 if I make it harder for data splits, I shall observe better NR throughput.

Yes, that’s possible.
In field we have observed no packet losses in cases of single RAT and while certain packet while using dual RAT.
May be that is the reason split threshold is introduced.
If there is no significant gain from another RAT, better to use single RAT.

But, anyway we cannot say straight forward that stringent split threshold will be always helpful.

Any other parameter to improve NR throughput?
In drive we observed bad SINR in 5G
I did speak to customer in regards to reduce the PCI mod4, but they still still think mod4 should not impact the SINR.

Poor SINR in good level or on cell edge mainly?
Just ensure, artificial load is not applied by mistake.

Poor SINR in good coverage I observed in mod4 conflict.

Mode 4 conflict in immediate neighbour may result poor channel estimation and hence may impact throughput. At least, you should change and check.
Also, check overshooting of neighbour cells too.
If electric tilt options available, you should try coverage overlapping reduction by additional tilting in neighbouring cell as well as serving cells.

LTE has mod3, 6 and so on conflict.
Does NR has mod4 concept?

Yes, mod 4 concept is for DMRS of PBCH.

So remainder 0, 1, 2 and 3.

Impact depends on how two conflict cell overlapping on each other.
Lesser the overlapping, lesser the impact.

But in general, Actix and TEMS tool, their SINR are based on SSB.

My comment was in respect to impact of Mode 3, 4 in field.

It is really a challenge to ensure both PCI mod 3 and mod 4 for neighbors.

I fully agree with you, even in field it was observed that 8-9 out 10 times, it’s not impacting much too. Only 1-2 times, removing conflict helps.
My personal observation is that there is significant coverage overlapping found at that time.

But not easy to reduce conflict.
If you have 6 sector site.

On 6 sector site should not be too complicated: not any cell overlaps with all the other 5.

Do you think changing the scheduling weight of qci will impact the throughput?

In LTE, PCI mod 3 conflict may affect CRS SINR quality and LTE-UE use CRS for demodulation.
But NR, PCI mod 4 affect PBCH DMRS, NR-UE use user-specific DMRS for demodulation, not cell-specific RS.
So, I dont think PCI mod 3 or mod 4 conflict in 5G-NR has big impact on throughput as 4G-LTE.