NR NSA Tuning

Hi all,

We’ve been deploying DSS, we faced with significant issues like endc drop rate, NR leg setup rate, do you guys have any experiences for that?

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What is the vendor?

Ericsson O.B

Endcsetup failure could be UE not supporting DSS or NR neighbor not defined at anchor node

For endc drops, check for endc rach failures

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Hi O.B,

UE has already supported DSS due to counter increasing in master node after UE reported B1 measurement report to the network, and I will double check the anchor-nr dss relations again.
For endc drop rate, Can you help to explain more detail? Honestly, I don’t know exactly the reasons for this failures.
Thank you!

What is the endc band combo?

Hi O.B

I just checked our anchor-nr dss relations, there is no issue or missing… Do you have other suggestions for it?
ENDC band combo: b3+n1 (DSS: LTE-NR 2100)

Capability mismatch.
Most NR capabilities are checked at secondary node NOT master node

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Capability mismatch.? Can you explain more detail about this one?
Thank you!

Ue support n1 without DSS but NR cell is configured as n1DSS

Hi O.B

You mean that Network send to UE a NR cell measurement, so UE still send a B1 event report to NW without DSS capability of UE?
Because the attempt counter is increased only after sending B1 event report to eNB by UE.

Yes. This is what happens

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Thank you so much for your help!