NR inter band CA capabilities

Guys, we are using 3CC LTE + 1 NR on commercial network from last 1 year.
It’s all dependent on UE capability as network supports multiple CCs on LTE and NR under EN DC.

Only issue is that NR inter band CA capabilities are not available for mostly LTE 3CCs + NR 1 CC possible.
NR 2CC (n78+n41) + LTE (b1+b3+b20) already tested on CPE pro 2 Huawei.
As most of ENDC handsets are having max capability of 2 Gbps and it can be achieved with only 1NR (100Mhz) +1 LTE(20 mhz) = 1.7 gbps + 400 Mbps.
So ideally, UE vendor doesn’t need more CA combinations.

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Yes, and LTE MCG 10 Mhz + SCG 4CC 5G (4x100 Mhz) giving 2.5 Gbps in S20 5G, for a real example in Verizon NSA network.

So it means that 2 simultaneous anchors is possible, isn’t it?

Anchor will be only 1.
Other LTE carriers are secondary carriers.

With this configuration what was the maximum throughput observed in field trials or real life?