IFLB feature in 4G

Hello Dears,
Have anyone worked with IFLB feature in 4G?
Do you have any idea what kpis are effected?
Advantages and disadvantages?

This is the basic load balancing feature.
Will help you balance the load between different LTE layers and will help achieve better spectral efficiency.

It’s good feature for Traffic Shifting.
But be careful for Drop Call.

In Huawei it is named MLB, preferred based on UE number.


I have LTE site with two carriers L1800 and L2100, but with no IFLB HO Att between co-site cells .

Although the IFLB feature is activated with all recommanded values and with no missing neighbor, that cause a high congestion in 1800 carrier.

Vendor is Ericsson.

I already checked the parameter (loadbalancing, a5Threshold1Rsrp, a5Threshold2Rsrp, lbThreshold…) → All parameters are OK.

I would like your help to solve this issue ,

thanks in advance.

Do you have loadBalancing parameter in EUtranCellRelation MO set 1 (ALLOWED) for the relations you want the load balancing to happen?
What is the value of qciSubscriptionQuanta in QciProfilePredefined MO for default and QCI6-9?

i have loadbalancing = 1 (allowed) for the relation on co-site and qciSubscriptionQuanta=1000 for default and QCI6-9

What are the bandwidths for L1800 and L2100? What values you are using for cellSubscriptionCapacity?

L1800 bandwidth = 15Mhz and cellsubscriptioncapacity = 25500
L1800 bandwidth = 10Mhz and cellsubscriptioncapacity = 17000

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Which counters you are checking for verifying the InterF Load Balacing Attempts and Success?

verification couters is :
pmHoPrepAttLteInterFLb ; pmHoPrepSuccLteInterFLb ; pmHoExeAttLteInterFLb;pmHoExeSuccLteInterFLb