Mute calls and one way audio issues in Nokia RAN with Huawei MME and IMS

Hello Experts, we are facing many Mute calls and one way audio issues, can you please highlight the possible areas we need to check to resolve the issue. (NOKIA RAN NETWORK WITH HUAWEI MME AND IMS)… VoLTE Network

Mute call and one way radio are mainly due to issues in transport network.

Very weak coverage is also one of the reasons.or deep fluctuation in signal strength.

How is ur trm media connected…is it from a FNP then from FNP to the further cell site it is connected in microwave…

we face this issue in all these 3 scenario ,

  1. MOC & MTC both VoLTE,
    2.MOC VoLTE & MTC 3G
    3 MOC 3G & MTC VoLTE

Yes all main link is FNP & further cell sites connected using MW

  • Parameter timer at Radio Link (RLT) too long (not proper) ideally 20SACCH
  • Low Coverage/no dominant cell serving
  • XCDR problemTransmission BER at BTS or Upper layer (Ater/Iu)
  • BTS problem on TRx

These are cause we face in 2g NW voice mute issue

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i am taking of VoLTE NW mute call issue not 2G

So normally when I try pinging an EnodeB and I keep getting any packet loss…or duplicate packet kind of response, I will get call mute issue.

some issue has been raised with HUAWEI IMS , which they are still working, but some issue of mute call and no audio issue is still there and are related with RADIO i beleive , which need to be checked and resolved

Yes in one of the case we found issue like we have not removed gtmu card from BBU uniy. In a mrfu solution site caused call issue

what i am getting untill now is the site is having such issues in busy hours, while my PRB utilized is almost 100% , in this case packet losses are being seen due to data traffic congestion. Is it possible that in such situations mute calls are possible?

I don’t think mute call can be a case with PRB utilisation greater than 100%…can be call congestion

Is it related to specific site!!! ?

Thatss what I also suspect. I just want to get an expert’s view. As i told you, I am getting this issue with all the scenarios.

Oh I see!!!..

we face this issue in all these 3 scenario ,

  1. MOC & MTC both VoLTE,
    2.MOC VoLTE & MTC 3G
    3 MOC 3G & MTC VoLTE

Got it…but it is related to a site/cluster? Or everywhere in the Nw?

no specific site has been observed. We are getting complain from many sites. Did not see any issue on transport layer, or any HW Related alarm as well, site performance is just normal and KPIs are perfect

There is one trick we usually do to define scale of the issue. If u can calculate mean holfing time(MHT) and determine exactly what sites that have sharp decrease of ur voice calls. Usually if u have sudden increase in mute calls.

Does Nokia have some counter to check this?

This is a formula not counter. You can calculate it from other very basic counters.