Mute calls and one way audio issues in Nokia RAN with Huawei MME and IMS

ok, can you please elaborate more on this

Mht=total calls duration/number of calls

The purpose of calculating MHT is to exactly determine what cells have this issue. After that u can define the cause. For example if the issue exist in only some sites that have common TX route then u should investigate this route. If the mht decreases on network scale then you should suspect some EPC issues

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That is what if it related to a common FNP and same route sites…

Also determining exact time of mht decrease could guide into the action that triggered this issue

but what if triggered time is different for different sites and there is no co-relation between any of the sites

Never heard about such thing

we are getting complain from different location , and they are not at same time and with all 3 different scenarios.
we face this issue in all these 3 scenario ,

  1. MOC & MTC both VoLTE,
    2.MOC VoLTE & MTC 3G
    3 MOC 3G & MTC VoLTE

Thanks all for your great advice and your suggestion. I would be hoping for more suggestions from our LTE/ VoLTE EXPERTS.

What is TRM media & FNP??


Have you checked handover performance of those sites where you are getting mute calls?

Here handover means both Intra and Inter frequency handover for VoLTE.

It is observed that handover performance has direct relation with Mute call in VoLTE.

Could you please clarify a little bit on that? In my country, operators are implementing LTE with 1800 MHz band on 5 MHz bandwidth. The speed only reaches 10 to 12 Mbps (as seen from speedtest app on android).

What’s the ideal bandwidth the operators need to implement LTE-A?

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PRB increase capacity increases.
Generally 2 carrier used in India
5MHZ & 10MHZ Currently Airtel using in Mumbai circle.

From my experience Mute call may be resulted from poor coverage General observation is the fluctuation of network bars on your device eg Mobile phone conclusively you can observe on how a subscriber is attaching and detaching poor handover also lead to Mute call for both intra nad inta handover