Measurement Gap Length (MGL) in 5G

Hi 5G Experts,
Please help me to understand the measurement gap length for 5G.
As per the standard, it says 1.5, 3.5 and 5.5 are for FR2 and 3/4/6 are FR1.

So my question is how UE able to sync with other freqs in case of FR2 as in order to read complete 64 SSBs in case of 240 Khz sub carrier spacing,1 ms is not enough.

If I understand correctly, you mean measurement gap used for SCG addition through B1 event?

Yes, I am just trying to understand the different measurement gap lengths (MGL) which are in 5G.
As in case of LTE, MGL was kept 6 ms considering the PSS/SSS occurrences in each 5 ms.

As per specs, gap 4 to gap 15 under R15 used for inter rat.
You can refer specs 36.133 table

Network will also add SMTC.

Yeah, that I understood.
My question was how UE will handle these different measurement gap length (1.5/3/3.5/4/5.5/6).
For example, in specs it was written that MGL of 1.5/3/5 and 5.5 are for FR2.
So lets say one operator deployed a SA 5G with two carrier in FR2 and UE was trying to measure other FR2 Freq and network configure it with MGL of 1.5 ms.
So how UE will read the 64 SSBs in other carrier of FR2 as it is just too low?

Where do you find 1.5? Please tell gap pattern id you are referring.

Please see below pic:

Generally gap 5 is 6 ms sufficient for Inter RAT NR measurement.
UE will report beam having b1 condition satisfied.

What is mGRP?

MGRP is measurement Gap repetition period.
It indicates that UE will repeat measuring the target inter freq/inter rat after this time (MGRP).

Let’s say it measures for 1.5 particular slots and then repeats this after some time.
So would it not cover all ssbs this one?

Just trying to think a little…

But in 5G there are different gap measurment GAP ids based on different use cases.

In this 1.5 ms… 0.25 /0.25 ms time kept reserved for UE to tune with inter freq and goes back to its orginal carrier.
So ideally time is 1ms.
For FR1, retuning time is kept as 0.50 ms and for FR2 its kept as 0.25 as per specs.

So it will cover almost 4 slots in FR2 with 120 KHz, right?

That’s where I have doubt.
So if we try to correlate MGL with SSB timing (SMTC window) in below pic, it doesn’t seems possible.

It’s MGTA that need to set true.

From from this pic, for 120 KHz, it’s is covering 16 ss blocks in 1 ms, right?

Does UE support gap pattern greater then 11?
It is big question mark as of now?
I’ve seen gap 0 to gap 11.

Yes, correct.