Measurement Gap Length (MGL) in 5G

Yes, covering, but ideally it should cover all 64 in 1 ms.
That’s what I understood.

Please correct me if I’m wrong…

I think gap pattern 12-23 are just for FR2.

I am thinking yes.
But what if it cover is in 4 go, like first time 16 and then next 16? Like that.

Yes, that is possible, but if that will be the case then we can not say that.
MGL is 1 ms.
As during MGL, UE should cover all SSB .

But does it specifically mention somewhere that UE needs to cover all SSB in one MGL?

I am trying to find it on specs but for me, it must measure all SSB as for stationary UE, covering all SSB won’t be necessary but on the other hand for mobile ones, it’s necessary.

That’s my understanding. Please share your thoughts.

The UE must measure all SSBs as its not aware of its location.
So expecting one SSB is a sure recipe for failure as the RSRP for that one might be really low.

Yes @RFSpecialist, that was the understanding.
However the original questions was how UE will measure all 64 SSB in 1 ms MGL in case of FR2.

Yes, I tried to find this gap pattern in 36.331, but no info.
Gap 12 to 23 part of measandmobparameters IE.
Can you please share how this IE structure look for UE you are using for testing?

And thanks for started very interesting topic. :+1:

I will read about this and try to get back.

You can refer to 38.133 table 9.1.2-1.

Table I can find easily, bu UE capability info IE need to check.
Ideally if it used for inter RAT NR then these pattern must present in 36.331.
Need to check why pattern only in 38.133.

I think spec says UE must decode all SSBs in 5 ms (complete burt set) which, is half frame.
And this sweep is repeated each SSB periodicity (typically 20 ms).

Yeah, 5ms is the complete burst set period however for an example UE can read all SSB (L=4) for 15 KHz in just 2 ms of this 5 ms as per given pic below with starting SSB symbol of 2, 8, 16 and 22.

I think 5 ms SSB periodicity was kept in order to cover all SSB in 4-5 in case of 120 kHz sub carrier spacing.

I was more referring to this comment.

I don’t see UE decoding all 64 SSBs within 1 ms.

Yes, that’s what I saw, but question here is if UE not able to decode all 64 SSB within 1 ms, then how MGL of 1.5 will be useful?

Exactly, SSB burst are sent within 5 msec, not 1 msec.

38.133 includes the gap complete defined gap pattens.

I checked logs for NSA UE not able to find this IE for 12 to 23.
Let me check more.

Actually question was related to 1.5 ms of Measurement Gap Length (MGL) which is applicable to measure FR2 inter freqs, so how UE will measure 64 SSBs in 1ms of MGL?